Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Mixtape : Black Hystori Project | CyHi the Prynce

Why panic
if this how God planned it??

"This .38 my bodyguard I call it Kevin Costner..."
Adjectives like 'dope'.. 'nice' etc. does this project no justice. I'm in AWE. The entirety of it all: The consistent fire lyrics.. the creativity and infusion of the theme through the tracklisting.. and let's not start on the production oh my gawd. (the originals AND the sample flipped tracks). Easily deemed a Classic. While the G.O.O.D Music soldier has always had a tight distinct flow, he hasn't received much of the recognition he deserves. Mainstream that is.
Executive produced by Ye', 'Black Hystori Project' has 18-tracks full of countless quotables on various issues , whether social, cultural, or every day life etc. “….Jackets and some Jordans.. that’s what the television taught us..”
The realness here is spit in a way that our folks need to hear more often. My advice to Cy' is.. to drop the 'Prynce'... this is KING shit.
Listen below::

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Sn: There is one person I thought of in particular when I heard this tape. I know you'll appreciate it in a way unexplained as I do. See you and BHP at the water when it gets warm... *fists raised.

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