Thursday, February 27, 2014

Special Edition :: Time Warp... 1975 : "You Make Me Feel So Good" | Bobbi Humphrey ("The Blend" sample/Currensy x Wiz Khalifa) #BlackHistoryMonth

Barbara Ann “Bobbi” Humphrey hails from Dallas, Texas as a Jazz/flautist singer. Born in Marlin, TX on April 25, 1950, Humphrey had flute training (classical and jazz style) in high school. She continued her music studies at Texas Southern University and Southern Methodist University. While playing at a talent contest at Southern Methodist, she was spotted by the infamous Dizzy Gillespie. It was from him, Bobbi was inspired to pursue her music career in New York City. After receiving her big break from performing at the Apollo Theatre for Amateur Night, she performed with legendary musicians ranging from Duke Ellington, Lee Morgan, George Benson, Stevie Wonder etc. In 1972, Humphrey was signed to Blue Note Jazz label as one of the first female instrumentalists. In 1976, she was named Best Female Instrumentalist by Billboard and in 1994 launched her own successful record label, Paradise Sound Records. With 12 studio albums total from 1971 – 1994, Bobbi Humphrey continues to play all over the world.

Circa 1975.
As we come to the closing of Black History Month, I thought it would be cool to close out the 'Sample' themed time warps with a bang. Not only is this talented beauty a BEAST on the flute, SHE is the magic behind every single track on the jammin "Live In Concert" - Wiz Khalifa x Currensy EP. Yep, a woman. A BLACK woman. :-) Here's, my fav from the EP, "The Blend" Wiz Khalifa x Currensy sample... "You Make Me Feel So Good" by. Bobbi Humphrey.

I decided to dedicate this post to my supporters of this blog. Each year.. my content.. my exposures.. and my post number continued to grow. In lieu of ADDICTION reaching its 4th year (on Feb. 1st) and counting, I wanted to publically thank those who have stuck by me and continuously supported me throughout this journey. I can't express enough how much that means to me. I just wanted to say THANK YOU!. 'You Make Me Feel so Good'...
-Xoxo, Dolcezza.

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  1. Word my fav track is Landing.. Shouts to her! Thanks for the gems you've dropped for this month. Keep up the good work ;-)