Monday, February 10, 2014

Motivation Mondays (Valentine's Edition): The State of the Black Man without Love. #BlackHistoryMonth

"..You know God said if man turns from me.. he turns toward darkness.  I believe because it pleases mans' ego.. he's chosen darkness.  He's forsaken his natural God and created his own. MONEY. In the name of money.. he has destroyed man, Earth, and beast.  But worst of all.. his ability to love.  Sure .. there's plenty of love making and little love. Quantity but little quality.  Without love.. love making is no more than an ego trip... some kind of diluted spiritual codeine that temporarily eases the pain of pipe dreams unrealized.  without love.. man has no center.  no balance..  he becomes a stranger to himself and to his own kind.  is it any wonder he asks?  is it me?  or face it.. in most cases. It’s your bright lights.. you know what I mean.. your big car. your big dough.. your good looks.. or even.. your BIG 'legs'..
bright lights take on many forms.  so if your bright lights is the attraction.. then it isn't you. and if it isn’t you.. then you have no real hold on the situation.  so what do you do when for no apparent reason love is always slipping away?  you have no choice.  you play the game. You keep your bluff
.. most can catch.. but few can hold.  it's hard but it’s true.
Well I take heart, Knowing that you brother.. and you sister.. the hope of the world.. have God and love in you and you're ready to live...
because you know... IT TAKES A BEAUTIFUL HEART.. AND A BEAUTIFUL MIND... to keep it together
"Epilogue by. Lonnie Hewitt ( "Address" / Currensy x Stalley sample )

You know how people say listen to your elders for wisdom.  I'm a firm believer in that.  This gem.. from 1977's "Epilogue" by. Lonnie Hewitt is the most TRILLEST I've ever heard in reference to its topic.  Even more interesting ... it shows that some  things really don't change. It's 2014 now.. nearly 40 years later... and this applies to the current state of love beyond heights in our generation.  With television shows and music glorifying nothing but money and shunning 'real love', what has taken over? People will stomp on their own brother/sister just to get a buck. Their own kind. There was a time where love was shown JUST for that sole factor...because they were your OWN. Now, HATE towards each other has prevailed leading to nothing but destruction. All for the love of the green.. meanwhile making other races rich. 'How you gon' win, when you ain't right within?'.I decided to tie in Motivation Mondays with the BlackHistoryMonth and sample themed posts. With Valentine’s day coming up this week, I decided to go a step further and throw in a topic of love. So for those.. craving and wanting 'real love' whether brotherly or romantically... are you giving it??

"It takes a beautiful heart.. and a beautiful mind.. to keep it together."

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